Justin Bieber Isn't the Only Musician to Deal With (Alleged) Baby Mama Drama

Justin Bieber

Though his camp has categorically denied it, Justin Bieber is in the midst of one of those music industry rites of passage that just about every young male star goes through at some point.

No, not the voice change. No, not the fake death story and not the obligatory moving violation in a pimped-out Batmobile.

The singer is currently battling allegations that he fathered a child with a fan, courtesy of a 20-year-old California woman who has filed suit and demanded a paternity test and support for her three-month-old child. Bieber, of course, is not the first star to face this kind of (alleged) baby mama drama. It's happened to such old schoolers as Mick Jagger, James Brown, Sammy Hagar, Tom Jones and Screamin' Jay Hawkins and comedian/singer Eddie Murphy (who admitted to fathering a secret child with former Spice Girl Mel B).

But who has been under the paternity microscope recently?

Pitbull: According to a Miami Herald story from earlier this year, rapper Pitbull settled a paternity suit earlier this year from Barbara Alba, with whom he has a nine-year-old daughter. Pit had already been paying Alba around $3,000 a month without any formal court order, but Alba wanted to up the amount.

Flo Rida: Earlier this summer, TMZ reported that the "Right Round" rapper denied that he had fathered a child with Gloria Holloway. A test proved he was not the dad, but a lawyer for Holloway said she may seek a court order for another test, since Flo reportedly took the first one under a pseudonym.

Lil Wayne: A father four times over with four different women, Weezy was served with a paternity suit last year while locked up in Riker's Island from a woman who claims he sired a child with her in 2002.

Gavin Rossdale: The Bush frontman and husband of No Doubt singer Gwen Stefani found out in 2004 that he was the father of a teenage daughter with a former girlfriend.

DMX: One of the most notorious paternity cases in recent years involved the rapper, who was hit with a paternity case in 2004 by a woman who claimed to have had his son. A test proved that Dark Man was the father and the woman later sued the rapper for defamation after he claimed that she had sexually assaulted him.

Bow Wow: The MC took a DNA test that proved he was the father of a baby girl and then opened up to fans about it later.

Michael Jackson: Though the late King of Pop was never officially embroiled in a paternity case, one of his most famous songs, "Billie Jean," is reportedly about a woman who claimed that Jackson was the father of her son.