Kelly Clarkson Would Play a Tree on 'Parks and Recreation'

By Christina Garibaldi

It seems like Kelly Clarkson has caught the acting bug … again! You may remember a few years back that Kelly starred with “American Idol” runner-up Justin Guarini in the not-so well-received flick “From Justin to Kelly.” Now Kelly wants to get back into acting and wants to do it by making a cameo on her favorite television show, “Parks and Recreation.” A few weeks back, Kelly reached out to her fans via her website to help her get on the hit sitcom.

Here’s what she wrote:

“Here's the deal ... I really want to be on 'Parks and Recreation.' It's hilarious! I am a bad actress but maybe I could play a bad actress! I would nail that! I need to be in a scene with Ron Swanson. I love all of them but the trucker stache gets me every time. So, I'm gonna need all of my fans help please. Please tweet every member of the cast, the producers, the writers, security in that building, and anyone related to that show and tell them they need to have me on as a guest. Pretty pretty please!”

Kelly stopped by the MTV Newsroom recently and we just had to ask how the campaign has been going.


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“I’m in love with Ron Swanson,” Kelly said. “I don’t care what … I’d play a tree, I’ll stand there in the freakin’ video. I don’t even have to talk, I can just walk in the background. I just want to be on the show!”

So has Kelly heard from producers of 'Park and Rec' yet?

"No, but I mean honestly I don’t know where I’d fit it in right now because I’m packed everyday, schedule wise,” Kelly said. “But I love the show so I would love to one day be on it.”

Kelly fans, keep tweeting! Make her dreams come true!