Girls Generation Teach MTV News Korean

By Christina Garibaldi

Girls Generation took some time out of their busy schedule of topping the music charts, selling out Madison Square Garden and taking over the United States to sit down with MTV News late last week. I got the opportunity to talk to these girls (who I am now obsessed with) and they told me all about their plans for a U.S. album (they haven’t started working on it yet), their first U.S. single (out November 19), and their latest video, “The Boys,” which currently has almost 15 million YouTube views in just two weeks.

Now, these girls are known for their infectious, radio-friendly songs, structured dance moves and impeccable style. Yet, what you may not know is that they have members in the group that not only speak Korean, they speak English, Japanese and Chinese.

So when I heard this, I figured I should probably catch-up! Before they left the MTV Newsroom, I asked the girls if they could teach me a few Korean words. Check out the video to see how it went!


I better start practicing! So what’s next for these girls? With the success of the show at Madison Square Garden, Girls Generation is hoping to kick off a world tour.

"Since K-Pop is becoming a movement, we’re all looking forward to making this not into a movement, but for us to become part of a genre or become music here as well," Tiffany said. "We definitely want a world tour... Be careful word we’re on the way!"