Britney Spears, Beyonce And Lady Gaga Cause Street Havoc ... Kinda

By James Dinh

Pop star collaborations are a pretty common trend nowadays, so there's no doubt that a team-up between Britney Spears, Beyoncé and Lady Gaga would shake up the pop scene (and possibly break the Internet). And while the triple treat duet is only a mere wishful thought, English rock band Kaiser Chiefs’ video for “Kinda Girl You Are” has helped fans visualize what it could be like to see the threesome in action.

Using look-a-likes of each of the pop titans, Kaiser Chiefs’ clip follows the entertainers as they venture on an all-day city adventure. Britney kicks off the all-girl outing when she hot wires a car to pick up her pop peers on the side of the street. Bey and Gaga appeared side by side in a car during in the “Telephone” video in 2010, and it looks like they’re still driving on a path towards rebellion. Whether they’re throwing things out the car, flashing fellow drivers or running around recklessly in an abandoned parking lot, these pop stars are set on letting lose.

Shenanigans continue into the late evening when the look-a-likes hit the downtown city. After passing a couple of loudmouthed men, Gaga approaches one of them, pushes his food out of his hand and licks his cheek. But even pop megastars aren’t immune to jealous girlfriends as an angry blonde confronts Mother Monster and begins a sidewalk brawl. Police appear just in time to break up the fight, but leave it to Beyoncé to steal the officer’s cap and flee away from the scene. “Kinda Girl You Are” closes with a quick scene of the entertainer eating take-out at a bus station.

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