Joe Jonas Isn't The Only Hottie To Get A Lap Dance From Britney Spears


She's taken the stage with her kids, but it's the guys that Britney Spears brings on stage to perform lap dances on that really make headlines. On Monday night, Joe Jonas ended his run opening for Spears in Europe and she rewarded the singer for all his hard work with a private lap dance during her song "Lace and Leather."

"What a great night! LONDON! you rule! what a way to end the @britneyspears tour," he tweeted, before this shout out for his Femme Fatale, "And.. @britneyspears thanks for the strip tease.. ;)"

Joe is, of course, only the latest recipient of Spears' sexy dances. Over the course of her last two tours, the singer has given some of her high-profile pals – and pals with benefits – a lap dance.

Britney Spears

Back in July, Brit Brit gave Titans receiver Kenny Britt one of her special lap dances when her tour stopped by Nashville. The footballer, decked out in a pink feather boa, had the pleasure of having Spears' legs wrapped around his neck.

But weeks before Brit got to shimmy all over him, her real-life beau, Jason Trawick, received a lap dance from his lady love. He not only got one during a June dress rehearsal, but also during an August tour stop at New York's Nassau Coliseum.

That same month, former tour mate DJ Pauly D had Spears all up on his business during a tour stop in Montreal. Spears wasn't the only one giving out lap dances on the FF tour either. Nicki Minaj also had some fun giving a lap dance to fellow Young Money rapper Drake.

Iit's a tradition that Spears started a while ago. Lance Bass received some special treatment from Spears during a stop on her Circus tour. When she closed out the over-the-top shows back in September 2009, she gave her old pal a little surprise. We're sure it brought back some old memories.

Speaking of boy bands, Howie D is set to join the Femme Fatale tour next. We hope that he's into the idea of some private entertainment from Spears herself. Brace yourself, buddy.