Our Favorite 'Things Longer Than Kim's Marriage'

By Kara Klenk

Twitter giveth and Twitter taketh away.

While Kim Kardashian may be the fifth most followed person in the world, those millions of followers can always turn on you. The day she announced her divorce from Kris Humphries, her husband of 72 days, #ThingsLongerThanKimsMarriage began trending. It’s been over 24 hours and it’s still going strong with many people weighing in with jokes about the brevity of the union.

We rounded up our favorites – unfortunately, we couldn’t list their authors because so many people were twacking (tweet jacking – I just made it up, it’s fine)! Looks like “the time it takes to steal a tweet” is one of the #ThingsLongerThanKimsMarriage. Here are our faves.