Girls Generation Looking To Take Over U.S.A.!

By Christina Garibaldi

Ever since I interviewed Korean pop girl group Girls Generation, I’ve been obsessed. They’re catchy songs will have you hooked, their dance moves are never out of sync, and they are probably the nicest group of girls I have ever talked to. Yet, I wanted to know more about the K-pop phenomenon, so I sat down with MTV Style Blog's Mary H.K. Choi to talk about the girls' style, their overseas success and whether or not they will dominate the charts here in the United States.

“They have a huge crossover appeal,” Mary said. “Something about pop is just like completely universal, and the type of music that they do is very ear worming, hooks get stuck in your head.”


When I sat down with the girls they talked all about their love for Beyonce (their favorite song is “Diva”) and their admiration for girl groups like the Pussycat Dolls and the Spice Girls, who Tiffany calls “epic.”

On October 18, the girls released their latest music video, "The Boys," and with 13 million YouTube views in just over a week, it's clear these girls are here to stay.

“First of all, it sounds like totally superficial, but they’re so cute and so attractive and they’re so sweet. They dance and sing in unison, I think there will be a huge appeal and I think we might be ready for it,” Mary said.

So what’s the next step for these girls in their quest for U.S. success?

“Next step is world tour,” Tiffany told us. “We definitely want a world tour! Be careful world we’re on the way!"