Breathe Carolina Recall Zany Halloween Antics

Boo! It's Halloween! And that means that it's time to not only think about what you're spooky, creep-tastic plans are for this year, but also look back on some of the fun you've had on Halloweens past. And we know you've had some very good times.

When electronic pop duo Breathe Carolina stopped by the MTV Newsroom recently to talk about their album Hell Is What You Make It and its single "Blackout" (two titles that, to us, sound vaguely Halloween-like! So good for them!), they also recalled a fun little anecdote about how they spent Halloween last year.

"Last year, we had the most ridiculous outfits," David Schmitt said. "And we were in Minneapolis [for a show]. It was Halloween that day and we didn't have any costumes." Before long, however, they had hunted down some goofy ones to hit the stage in. "So I think Kyle [Even] went to Wal-Mart and we were gonna figure it out," he continued. "And we got all this hunting gear and Tasty, one of our techs, he made a paper duck costume and we shot him with Nerf guns. It was ridiculous; it was awesome."

We're gonna go ahead and clarify that as ridiculously awesome. In fact, it's even more ridiculously awesome when the guys tell it themselves. So, check it out and perhaps steal, we mean, borrow their idea for your own last-minute Halloween costume this year if you haven't already nailed one down already!