Pop Culture Halloween Costumes: Last Minute Ideas!

By Uptin Saiidi

So, you’ve procrastinated planning for tomorrow’s big party and your “go-to” costume just doesn’t seem to excite you the way it has for so many years. What to do? Fear not, with so many unique celebrity moments this past year, there are plenty of people to take inspiration from.

Here’s a list of some fairly easy, timely, last minute costumes to scramble together:

Charlie Sheen

And you thought it was easy to put on the “Superman” T-shirt underneath an undone button-up shirt. To be Sheen, simply grab a white shirt and write "#Winning" in the center. After all, who wouldn’t want to go out on Halloween as a celebrity?

Lady Gaga

Dig up any type of wig you’ve worn in the past, add a diamond encrusted lobster from your mom’s china cabinet as the hat, put on any sort of top you would never wear on a first date, and you're good to go!

90’s TV Show Character

Our favorite '90s classics were brought back to Nickelodeon this year, so why not get inspired by a member of the Tanner family or Bayside High Tiger? #Nostalgia

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“The Walking Dead" Zombies

Zombies are so in and dressing as a walker gives you tons of freedom. Just take some makeup, fake blood, an old raggedy shirt. Last weekend, thousands dressed as zombies in New Jersey for a walk that might surface some inspiration.

Rebecca Black

Dressing up as the Internet sensation is expected to be one of the most popular costumes this year. Just grab a long black-haired wig, a purple shirt and yellow back-pack.

Natalie Portman in "Black Swan"

Perhaps your little sister has an extra leotard and tutu you can borrow. Don’t forget the black eyeliner.

The Situation

You don’t need to drop the $20 bucks on the fake abs costume from the Halloween store, or even avoid carbs the rest of the week. Just suit up in every piece of Abercrombie & Fitch piece of clothing you already own. For girls, put on a poof wig and wear your most guidette articles of clothing.

Nicki Minaj

The rapper is one of the most Googled costumes this year. It can be a fairly easy one since you can take almost any colored wig you already have, combined with white tights and other random knick-knacks lying around.

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