Beyonce's Roseland Live DVD: What To Look For


Beyonce is set to drop her live DVD special "Live At Roseland" on November 21. Filmed over four nights in August, the special will take fans right inside the venue for B's intimate string of sold out shows in New York City. Not many had the chance to see it for themselves, so this is a nice holiday treat from the expectant singer.

We got the chance to be there (you're so jealous, aren't you?) and since the night remains ingrained on our memories forever, we decided to share the few moments you should be most excited to see once it drops.

That swirling cabaret-like monologue!

The first half of the show is Beyonce doing her best drag queen impersonation, performing many of her greatest hits while running through a sassy monologue revealing the back story to the songs and giving fans insight into her career highs and lows.

Her baby bump!

We intend to pause the concert frame by frame (yes, we have that kind of time) and figure out how she pulled one over on us and we didn't notice she was expecting. You pulled a fast one on us, B, and it probably had something to do with that loose-fitting sparkly dress.

Beyonce being fierce!

She never sweats. She never misses a beat or a note or a step. In fact, she's basically flawless. Wait, was B even there or did she send some pop star robot to ensure that these performances went off without a hitch? Hmm, we're on to you gurl.

Want a taste of Beyonce live? Check out her performance of "Love On Top" from this year's VMAs:


What are you looking forward to? Tell us in the comments!