Beyonce's 'Party': The Key Scene

Beyonce dropped her candy-coated, trailer park party-themed video for "Party" last night, and while she switched out Andre 3000 for J. Cole, we have to say the cheeky clip didn't disappoint.

Beyonce kicked off her 4 era with the hard, dystopian video for "Run The World (Girls)" but her more recent clips for "Love on Top," "Countdown" and now "Party" have proven more lighthearted and fun. In "party," the colorful couture fashions, the summer BBQ vibe and the celeb cameos (hey there Solange and Kelly Rowland! But, wait, where are you Kanye?) really recall the summery vibe of R&B videos from the '90s. Its' happy! It's sexy! It's cool! … It's crazy, sexy, cool. See what we did there? Shout out to TLC.

While much of Beyonce's Alan Ferguson-directed "Party" video is certainly a big, well, par-tay, the key scene really comes close to the end of the video. What stands out most to us is when her Destiny's Child sibling Kelly Rowland appears, dancing side by side with her bestie. Sure, B's real sister is also in the clip doing her downtown hipster DJ thing, but there's something really cool about seeing Kells and B chilling out, looking ghetto chic and having a laugh with one another.

Check the video out here.