Just How Big Will Beyonce and Jay-Z's Baby Nursery Be? Bigger Than A House, Apparently

In the world of music, we already know that one of the biggest releases of 2012 isn't an album, but Baby Bey who is supposed to drop sometime in February. What can proud parents Beyonce and Jay-Z buy for their bundle of joy? Apparently a lot of square footage.

Our pals at Buzzworthy brought our attention to an Us Magazine story stating that sources are estimating that the infant will be residing in a 2,200 square foot nursery. More Details on the Nursery From Buzzworthy >>>

If you believe that, you'd have to close your eyes and imagine that the bundle of joy would be tucked away in enough square footage to become a lovely home.

Peaking at floor plans on ThePlanCollection.com, we found some places we'd move into today that would be dwarfed by just the nursery alone.

For instance, this lovely 3 bedroom, 3 bath ranch only measures up to a mere 1992 square feet, 208 square feet less than Baby Bey can be looking forward to.

And one could also move into this 1751 square foot 3 bedroom, 2 bath ranch.

Looking at these homes, we've got to doubt that Beyonce and Jay-Z are really planning to move their newborn into any space he/she could get lost in.

Forget all of this complicated real estate. Let's remember back on the simple moment when Bey announced to the world she and Jay were expecting.