Office Halloween Do's And Don'ts: Dress To Impress (Not Insult)!

By Maura Gavaghan

Annual costume contest at work? Halloween party during lunch? After work drinks for All Hallows Eve? However your office chooses to celebrate, there are certain do's and don'ts when choosing a costume to wear around your co-workers (and more importantly, your boss). Here at MTV News, we care about you and your future employment, so we are highlighting what you should and should not do as you prepare for your Halloween festivities!

DON'T show too much skin or use too much fake blood

Save your hot pants for another time! Some women and men (yes, this applies to you too) use Halloween as a time to show off what their mama gave them, but this puts you and your co-workers in a potentially awkward and uncomfortable situation! Likewise, if you happen to have an infatuation with fake blood and gore, consider wearing a toned down version to the office.

DO show off your personality with your costume

Halloween is a chance to step out of your boring work clothes and show your co-workers your sense of humor, creativity and character. If you are a Gleek at heart, dress up as Sue Sylvester. If you are obsessed with Will Ferrell, show up to the office as Ron Burgundy. (Disclaimer: Some costume choices may change your co-workers' opinions of you … but let your freak flag fly!)

DON'T act in line with your costume for the entire day

If you decide to go with the Ron Burgundy idea mentioned above, do not go into your morning meeting proclaiming, "Ladies and gentlemen, can I please have your attention. I've just been handed an urgent and horrifying news story. I need all of you, to stop what you're doing and listen … CANNONBALL!" If you dress as Sue Sylvester, there is no need to push your co-worker down a flight of stairs.

DO have fun with it!

If you show up to work dressed as Justin Bieber and then sit at your desk during your lunch hour and your breaks, you will look very, very strange. Join your colleagues during your lunch break and sing a rendition of "Baby." If no one laughs, just walk back to your desk. At least you tried.

DON'T insult your co-workers with an overly political costume.

Topics to avoid: The earthquake in Turkey, Libya, the Middle East in general, Michael Jackson's trial — you get the picture, people. No matter how smart you feel for coming up with a costume that shows off your awareness of world affairs, do not dress up in a costume that will offend your co-workers! Yes, I'm talking to you Mister "Look at me! I'm Gaddafi!"

DO impress your co-workers with a timely, clever costume

No one wants to be the dull person over in the corner dressed up as a witch or a ghost for the fifth year in a row. There's a fine line between clever and inappropriate, but it is worth the risk if there is a cash prize or office bragging rights involved.

DON'T dress up as your boss

"It's funny, come on! He'll laugh!" you might say. Well, maybe he will, but what if he doesn't? What if he finds it incredible unprofessional and insulting? Even if you and your superior get along swimmingly, he or she may not appreciate your impersonation, and you may be demoted…

DO think of costume ideas that relate to your field of work

If you really want to make an "inside joke" with your work pals, get creative! Just think of a costume that steers clear of dressing as or acting like your boss. Instead, dress up as something only your co-workers would truly appreciate so you can spend the day saying "Get it, guys?" If they get it, congrats! If they don't, there is always next Halloween!