MTV News' Jim Cantiello Joins 'The X Factor' Team

X Factor

Big announcement alert!

Big announcement alert!

Big announcement alert!

I’ve been asked to join “The X Factor” team as a backstage reporter for their official weekly pre-show. Starting Tuesday, October 25 at 7pm EDT on "X Factor's" official site – and continuing weekly on Wednesdays – the live pre-show will feature interviews with the judges, the fans and all of the industry heavy-hitters roaming around backstage, capturing all the craziness that ensues in the moments leading up to the live "X Factor" broadcast on Fox.

So how the hell did I, as a lowly TV fan and MTV News personality, become heavily involved with a big major network reality competition? It’s a long, insane story, but the short of it is this interview (check it out after the jump):


Three weeks ago I sat down with LA Reid and Simon Cowell for an "X Factor" press junket and we hit it off! Cowell’s team tracked me down, and MTV kindly gave me their blessing to spend a few days a week on the “X Factor” lot at CBS Studios in California.

Crazy, right?!

So not only will I be a part of the official "X Factor Pepsi Pre-show," but I’ll also be scouring "The X Factor" hallways bringing you exclusive tidbits and spoilers right here at MTV News' site.

As I type this, I’m on a plane flying to the West Coast, where I’ll live for the next two months. (Ahhhhhhhh!). But don't you worry, Gleeks. I shipped my keyboard to Los Angeles, so my musical Glee-caps will continue starting next week. (You think I’d leave you hanging, my fellow Klaine-loving spirit animals? I wouldn’t miss November 8 for anything.)

So be sure to catch me on "The X Factor Pepsi Pre-show" tonight at 7PM EST on "The X Factor's" official site. And keep your eyes peeled for exclusive "X Factor" goodies right here at MTV News. Better yet, why not just follow me on Twitter @jambajim so you can stay the most up to date on my West Coast adventures.

Any questions you’re dying me to ask the judges or the contestants? Any behind the scenes secrets you want me to find out for you? Let ‘em rip in the comments below.