Drake Bell Says 'Terrific' Video Is For The Fans


Drake Bell released his EP, A Reminder, earlier this year as a sort of reminder to his loyal fans that between acting gigs he's still always in tune with their desire to hear new tracks from him. So when he dropped a music video for the feel-good song "Terrific" (which sort of reminds us of something you'd hear in "That Thing You Do"), fans immediately became excited.

"You know we shot that video a while ago in my house," he told MTV News about the clip, which debuted last week on his Facebook page. "We just wanted to … it’s a really, really cool song. It's really, I think, the reason people are digging it [is] cause it deals with a lot of things young people deal with every day. It's sort of like, 'You don’t have to change who you are just so you can fit in over here, you can be yourself.' I think that they connect to it in a way."

Drake is hard at work on his next album and since he doesn't really know when that will drop, he wanted his fans to have something to hold them over. "That's why I released the EP. I've been writing so much, but I haven’t had any time to actual sit down in a studio and construct an entire record. I realized I hadn’t put out a record for quite some time, so I felt like I was robbing the fans," he said. "I got to get them something, so I had enough time to get in there and do these four tunes and these four songs were the most different from the stuff that I'm writing now .I wanted to get those songs out cause I loved those songs."

The actor/musician is also busy on a number of other projects, including a new Nick flick, "Rags," his aforementioned upcoming album and a fall tour as well as the "Ultimate Spider-Man" TV series, where he plays the lead role. Stay tuned to MTV News to get more on all those projects straight from Drake himself!