Kelly Clarkson's 'Stronger': Five Key Tracks


By Elizabeth Lancaster

Miss Independent is back!

In her most organic recording to date, Kelly Clarkson brings the heat with Stronger, her fifth studio album, due out tomorrow. And she's brought her A-game to the set, combining her usual empowering lyrics with her strongest vocals yet.

Prospective and former boyfriends would be smart to walk on egg shells around Miz Clarkson, because this girl is not afraid of taking you to task if you act like a dog. Here are the top 5 tracks you cannot afford to miss:

1. "Einstein": A personal favorite with an all too familiar narrative, am I right, ladies? Between the strong funky beat and the relatable lyrics, "Einstein" is not one to skip. Her most recent pop equation – “dumb plus dumb equals you” – is a hard one to argue with.

2. "What Doesn’t Kill You (Stronger)": This ex clearly had it coming and Kelly lays it all out in the open. Upbeat yet soulful, the chorus will drag you up and onto the floor to dance the heartache away alongside her.

3. "You Love Me": If the title led you to believe this would be the sappy love ballad of the album, you will be pleasantly surprised by the strength of this touching track. The raw vocals are commanding and the chorus is catchy. This is one of our favorites.

4. "Honestly": Kelly gives us the powerhouse words and sound we have come to expect in her most emotional and vulnerable track. Simultaneously demanding and honest, she holds nothing back in content or form.

5. "You Can’t Win": In a surprising change of subject, Kelly uses "Win" to call out her colleagues and the media for being critical and constantly dissatisfied. This is a hit that will resonate in the industry but also at the audience level, emphasizing and encouraging self-acceptance and confidence!

All in all, Stronger is just that, with enough emotion and maturity to entice old fans back and latch onto new listeners. Empowerment guaranteed!

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