Jennifer Lopez Cries In Concert: A Timeline of Her Loves

Over the weekend, Jennifer Lopez took the stage at Mohegan Sun's 15th anniversary celebration in Connecticut and paid homage to her many past loves in a tear-filled performance. During her tracks "If You Had My Love" and "Until It Beats No More" the singer brought a number of dancers on stage that resembled her and the men she's been connected to over the years. "I took a trip down memory lane" she told the room, before showing a photo of her twins, adding, "There's love – and then there's love."

Well before there was that kind of "love," there was a heck of a lot of other kinds of "love." So we thought we'd take a look back at some of JLo's greatest beaus.


Ojani Noa

Although noticeably absent from her ode to all things heartbreak, Noa was married to the superstar from 1997-98. Things didn't end well for the pair as he threatened to publish a tell-all book about their time together. He then wanted to release sexy footage of the star. Neither have seen the light of day, much to J.Lo's credit.


Shortly after her break-up with Noa, she began seeing the rap mogul. The two super-stylish, super-glam entertainers began a whirlwind romance that certainly wasn't short on drama, culminating in a big blowout at a Manhattan club. The dramz was too much for Jenny From the Block and she left the rapper in the dust.

Chris Judd

She met the back-up dancer on the set of the video for "Love Don't Cost a Thing" and they married in September 2001. Apparently love does cost something, as Lopez began seeing her "Gigli" co-star Ben Affleck during the brief marriage. Judd and J.Lo split in 2002.

Ben Affleck

Bennifer took over the tabloids and became the It couple to end all It couples. The two appeared in two flicks together, a music video and at countless red carpet premieres. They eventually got engaged in 2002 and hours before they were supposed to say "I Do" in 2003, the wedding was called off. Months later, so was their entire relationship.

Marc Anthony

Longtime friends and former flames Jen and Marc Anthony decided to hook up for real after she split from Ben. They married in 2004, right after Marc divorced from his first wife. Two kids and seven years of marriage later, the two announced their divorce earlier this year. Perhaps there's some truth to all that talk of the seven-year itch.