Will Britney Spears Appear in 'Criminal' Director's Debut Movie?

Britney Spears and video director Chris Marrs Piliero certainly have some kind of magic together. They've made memorable clips for "I Wanna Go" and now "Criminal," but are the two cooking up something else?

When we caught up with Chris this week, he teased that Spears will likely appear in his first feature film, which he is currently in the process of penning. Asked if he'd work with Spears again, Piliero said, "I mean, definitely," before adding, "Well, besides any future videos, I'm writing a screenplay and I'm definitely saving a role for her, for sure."

Piliero takes MTV News behind the scenes of the "Criminal" video:


Wait a second! Does that mean fans will finally get to see Spears on the big screen for the first time since her lead role in "Crossroads" (which, by the way, Piliero made a little joke about in the "I Wanna Go" video)? "She will be in my first film. I can't really go into detail about what it's about," he said. "I would say it's gonna be crime drama-ish, but with my quirk [and] my approach. But definitely there'll be a role for her, for sure."

However, the size of Brit's role appears to be up in the air. "That I don’t know yet cause I'm still in the writing process," he explained. "So I'm not totally sure, but 100 percent she has to be in it and I know she's already expressed interest. So we'll make that happen."

For a taste of Brit and Piliero getting their crime drama on, check out the "Criminal" video below and let us know how you feel about Brit's potential return to the big screen by voting in our poll.


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