Hilary Duff’s Post-Baby Plan: Make a New Album

By Christina Garibaldi

First time mom-to-be Hilary Duff is hard at work getting ready for her new baby and also hard at work on her career. The former Disney star, who just announced that she is having a baby boy, recently released her novel “Devoted,” the second in her trilogy series “Elixir.” Yet, being an author isn’t the only thing Duff is doing to keep herself busy before the baby, she recently told us that she really wants to get back into music.

“Before I got pregnant I was really starting to work on a new record,” Hilary said. “I hadn’t gotten into the studio yet, but was meeting with lots of people and kind of just figuring out where I fit now and what direction I want to go in. I still want to do that.”


Hilary, whose last album “Dignity” was released in 2007, doesn’t have a plan to release the album anytime soon, she has one thing in mind: spend some quality time with her new baby. But watch out, Baby Duff, you might have to pack your bags for a little road trip!

“I think there’s no reason why I can’t be in the studio working on that while I’m knocked up,” Hilary joked. “But I would obviously wait. I want to have a few months with my baby, and then I think maybe touring with a baby could be easy.”

Do you think Hilary should make a new album? Let us know in the comments!

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