Florence Welch Can't Handle Hangovers On The Road


By Zachary Swickey

Florence Welch, the fiery frontwoman of Florence + the Machine, has admitted to adopting sober living while on tour. The group was an opening act on U2’s record-shattering roadshow this summer, and the demanding schedule required a lot from the singer, which led her to choose sobriety on the road.

Welch explained to UK’s The Sun, saying, “I have stopped drinking on tour. I feel a bit more responsibility for my body and for fans who come to see us. When we toured with U2 it was such a grueling schedule and I had shows every day and I can’t do that with a hangover.”

We’ve seen firsthand how delicate a voice can be with Adele axing two U.S. tours this year due to her crazy schedule, and Welch doesn’t seem keen on running into the same problem as she elaborated, stating, “This is the best job in the world and I don’t want to spoil it. Stopping drinking has made a huge difference in my vocal range too.”

The singer even got a pep talk about performing in high heels from Bono himself: “Bono was great. He gave me advice on how to perform even when I’m wearing huge high-heeled shoes. He told me how to keep my feet on the spot and use my arms.” (Sidenote: Bono is actually known to wear shoes with heels several inches thick due to his short stature, but he’s kind of sensitive about it so don’t tease him).

Check out our recent interview with Welch after the jump for more details about life on the road with the Machine, as well as her culinary skills (or lack thereof).