The Key Scene: Justin Bieber’s ‘Mistletoe’

Justin Bieber certainly has his romantic swag on full display in the video for “Mistletoe.”

Whatever do we mean? Well, between the photo booth scene, the dress-buying sequence, picking up his girl in a very expensive vintage car and the kiss at a dance, it’s hard for us to really not pine away about our first love when watching the holiday-themed clip. Bieber knows how to treat a lady. Selena, you got yourself a good one.

Director Roman White explained that a lot of the video was inspired by John Hughes movies from the past. And that inspiration is not on display more than about midway through the clip when Bieber picks up his lady love in his car. What kind of car? A vintage Porsche. No. Big. Deal.

Anyways, it’s a full-on “Pretty In Pink” moment (Don’t know what we mean? Go watch it and get back to us!) and it’s pretty much the key scene in the video. It marks the turning point for Bieber and his girl, played by Allie Williams, as they finally make the transition from hot chocolate-swilling besties to mistletoe kissing boyfriend and girlfriend.

Just a note for the future: Bieber, we’re pretty sure she was into you without all that swag. Check out the “Mistletoe” video, as well as vid director Roman White talking about the Key Scene, after the jump.



Video director Roman White talking about the key scene and his fondness for happy endings: