What’s Going On With Cher And Lady Gaga’s Duet? Cher Doesn’t Even Seem Sure

Cher is one of the most vocal celebrities on Twitter. She’s also one of our favorite stars to follow. The living legend actively responds to questions from her followers and talks about all those things you’re not supposed to (hello, politics!). But one thing that’s come up again and again that Cher has been stepping around is her duet with Lady Gaga, “The Greatest Thing.”

The song was supposed to drop in late-September, but still hasn’t seen the light of day, and fans want to know why. For her part, the reason for the delay seems to be the only thing Cher won’t address directly on Twitter. Instead, the music legend has been tossing out sarcastic responses when asked and yesterday told fans she is “never telling you guys early again!”

She didn’t, however, actually say when the much-anticipated song would be released. Read on for a bit more insight into “The Greatest Thing” and to see what Cher had to say about another music legend on the comeback train.

Cher also recently had some words of, um, encouragement for one-time nemesis Madonna, who is hard at work on her first record since 2008’s Hard Candy.