How Does Justin Timberlake Feel About Britney Spears' Shower?

Britney Spears Criminal Video

Just like you, we gasped at the nearly NSFW video for Britney Spears' 'Criminal.' It's by far her most risqué look yet, and that's saying a lot from the woman who reinvented the mile high club in the classic 'Toxic' video.

There's plenty of chatter about that shower scene with Brit's real life beau Jason Trawick and one of our favorite responses came not in words, but in animated GIF form, reuniting Britney with Justin Timberlake in full 'Cry Me a River' mode.

Britney's nookie with Jason isn't the first time that Britney Spears has teamed up with a real-life love to show the world her romance is steamier than yours.

Remember back to 2004 when she jumped into bed for husband Kevin Federline's remake of 'My Prerogative.' If you can't recall it, here you go:

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