Radiohead Finally Reveal Plans To Tour Behind ‘King of Limbs’

By Zachary Swickey

Many Radiohead fans have been scratching their heads wondering when the experimental group plans on hitting the road for their first proper tour following the release of their last album, King of Limbs, which came out way back in February. Well, rest easy folks, because the group has finally shed some light on their future touring plans.

Talking to Britain’s BBC 6Music, Radiohead guitarist Ed O’Brien revealed the band will be on the road for the majority of 2012. “We’re finalizing dates now, we’ll be on the road from the end of February to November and we’ll be playing in both the UK and US, the usual ports of call,” he said.

The usual ports of call indeed, as Radiohead’s scant appearances since KOL’s release have been a pair of much-hyped club shows in New York City and a semi-surprise gig at this year’s Glastonbury Music Festival. O’Brien then elaborated on the set list concert-goers can expect, saying, “Last time we went out it was In Rainbows and a greatest hits. It’s not going to be like that this time. It’s going to be predominantly from this record and the last one and then we’ll see which songs fit around that.”


O’Brien also mentioned that the their entire European tour will be an indoor affair, as they felt the new material demanded such a setting following their festival experience this summer. “Outdoor gigs can be great, but the sound can get diluted,” he said. “You’re at the mercy of the elements and I think the record demands a space where the music is loud, strong, and detailed.

No word on dates for the trek just yet, but here’s to hoping you’ve already seen “Idioteque” live.