Did Lance Bass Start Justin Timberlake Beef with Heart2Heart’s “Facebook Official”?

There’s not enough lip-gloss, guyliner and MAC foundation in the world to describe how catchy Heart2Heart’s “Facebook Official” is. But that’s not why we’re obsessed with this robot-like boy band that claims former N’SYNC member Lance Bass as their mentor.

No, we’re freaking out over the FB song because the very first line of the audio crack tune appears to take a big, fat slap at Bass’ former bandmate, Justin Timberlake, who recently signed on to help resurrect the sinking social networking site MySpace. And while we keep holding out hope that JT will one day come to his senses and return to making music, it seems pretty certain at this point that we should wave “Bye Bye Bye” to any hope of that 20th anniversary N’SYNC reunion tour in 2015.

You see, on “Official,” Heart2Heart – Chad Future (self-proclaimed “leader”), Nico (youngest and most acrobatic), Pretty Boi Pete (“swag general”), Brayden (rapper/actor) and KX (choreographer and “sub” vocalist) – sing about telling a girl they want to make their thing as official as possible. Future shows her how by dressing up in his best all-white everything, winking into the camera and rapping, “log on, MySpace is dead/I’m checkin’ your page to see what you said,” just moments after Bass makes his brief cameo in the clip.

In addition to having the most flattering lighting and makeup effects this side of a Barbra Streisand movie, the glossy, futuristic video for “Official” is so over-the-top it almost looks like a “Saturday Night Life” digital short spoof of boy bands, or maybe a sly, clever viral marketing campaign for Facebook (or MySpace, for that matter.) Except, as far as we can tell. It’s not.

What do you think of “Facebook Official?”

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