What’s Pregnant Beyonce Craving? We Got The Dish!

Pregnant women are notorious for their cravings, and expecting superstars are no different. We here at the MTV Newsroom got some some insight into what mom-to-be Beyoncé’s been craving. The singer and husband Jay-Z went out for some dinner this week at New York City hotspot Beauty & Essex, and we have the inside scoop on just what B, who’s due to give birth in February, felt like eating.

The pair (well, actually trio) were spotted on Tuesday at the downtown NYC restaurant, where DJ (and rapper) Talib Kweli was spinning the tunes. Sounds like they were having a fun little pre-baby date night.

So, what was consumed? While Queen B drank only ginger ale, hubby Jay enjoyed an adult beverage. The couple ate fish tacos, salmon burgers and fries, and that meal sounds a really great way to stay energized what with all the music videos, maternity lines and general awesomeness Beyoncé needs to stay amped up for. (Does this woman ever slow down?)

In addition to B and Jay, Kim Kardashian’s husband, Kris Humphries, also hung out at the restaurant the same night and ate the fish tacos. We’re thinking there’s something to these tacos and we might just have to try them ourselves.

So, Kris, Beyoncé, Jay-Z … when are we all getting together? Our schedule’s pretty open this weekend.

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