Steve Aoki ‘Throwing A Curveball’ With ‘Earthquakey People’

By Nick Philippou

Steve Aoki may have hit his musical sweet spot with Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo on his latest, upbeat, electro-rock track “Earthquakey People” already climbing the Beatport dance chart ,where it’s being sold exclusively.

MTV News pried the track’s brand-new video from Ultra Records and Aoki’s Dim Mak Records, which can be described as pure fun. It’s the first song featuring a vocal from Aoki’s new album, Wonderland, due in December.

“It’s a very diverse album,” Aoki told MTV News. “I think I’m going to throw a curveball at people, because I think the songs I’m writing, they’re not these big club anthem records. They’re proper songs.”


Aoki has been slowly unwrapping his album, touring America with IDentity Festival and all over the world at various mega-events, teasing fans with new tracks like “Earthquakey People,” which he wrote for Cuomo.

Earlier this year, Aoki reached across the musical spectrum to join with Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker on “Misfits,” which would be much more likely to inspire random moshing compared to “Earthquakey People,” a song that begs you to loosen up, jump around and forget anyone is watching.

Aoki’s highly anticipated album will feature an eclectic mix of collaborators, including electro-titans like Afrojack and Tiësto, but also LMFAO, Wynter Gordon, Lil’ Jon and (or maybe his alter ego Zuper Blahk), all joining to help Aoki define his musical influences.

“I’ve been working on this album for over three years,” Aoki said. “I’ve had to adapt, and re-adapt, and re-adapt tracks.”

Aoki, a.k.a. Kid Millionaire, has risen the ranks of the biggest names in dance music, for technical musical proficiency, along with his showmanship, infamous stage-dives and crowd-surfing adventures on his seemingly never-ending touring-party.

“I mean, we did everything. This tour was crazy. We’ve got the private jets. We went to Saint-Tropez,” Aoki told MTV News. “I was doing cannonballs off the top of Bono’s yacht, you know, f—ing jumping 35 feet in the air! Just like screaming at the top of my lungs, that’s just how lucky I am.”