What Are Simon Cowell And L.A. Reid Up To When 'X Factor' Is On?

When you get to be as famous as “The X Factor” judges (except for Nicole Scherzinger, who is about as A-list as the cast of Logo’s “The A-List”), your schedule gets fills up quickly with high-profile social engagements like movie premieres and business dinners. You rarely have time to carve out much TV time, and even if you did, you’d never in a million years admit to watching your own show when it airs.

Or do you?

I recently caught up with “X Factor” stars Simon Cowell and L.A. Reid and asked them what they did on Wednesday and Thursday nights at 8 PM. I was shocked to hear their answer!


“If you want to get a hold of L.A., do not phone him between 8 and 10 on Wednesday and Thursday. There will be zero pickup,” insists Simon Cowell.

“I watch it over and over and over,” admitted Reid. “Nothing else happens that day. The world stops!”

He’s not kidding. Dude even turned down hanging out with one of rock's royal families.

“My wife invited me to something for Stella McCartney on the first Thursday night of ‘X Factor’ and I really looked at her like, ‘Are you serious?’" said Reid.

Cowell also ‘fessed up to watching himself on TV regularly, adding that his biggest pet peeve is “when people talk when the episode airs.”

What’s your weekly “X Factor” routine? Do you watch it live with friends? Do you live-tweet your thoughts? Does the world stop? Leave a comment below!