'X Factor' Judges Simon Cowell And L.A. Reid Answer Our Burning Questions

Were you dying to find out why “X Factor” host Steve Jones appears in a truck more than on a stage? Did you know that “The X Factor” judge L.A. Reid used to be a drummer in a Cincinatti R&B group called The Deele? (Think of them as The Whispers but with less awesome facial hair.) Wondering if Justin Bieber – who gets name-dropped approximately 53 times an episode – will ever make an appearance on the show? Well, then this video is for you!

I sat down with “X Factor” guru Simon Cowell and his judging cohort L.A. Reid and forced them to answer all my random, burning questions. Sure, we talked newsy stuff, too, but once I got the business out of the way, the fellas really loosened up and indulged my inner obsessive stan. Watch Cowell and L.A. giggle as we discuss the finer points of walking in slo-mo (a topic I seem to be obsessed with), exactly which part of Boyz II Men’s “End of the Road” L.A. Reid wrote and whether we can expect the original line-up of Deele to reunite on the “X Factor” stage.

This might be my favorite four minutes of my entire career.