Is Simon Cowell Jealous Of All The Attention L.A. Reid Is Getting?

Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul may have been heavily featured in all the promos leading up to “The X Factor’s” premiere, but once the show debuted, a new TV star emerged: L.A. Reid.

From his steely stare to the way he grooves to his use of the word “ensemble” over the less-classy word “group,” TV viewers instantly fell in love. (As soon as host Steve Jones mentioned L.A.’s A-list resume, which includes Pink, Rihanna and Justin Bieber, he trended worldwide on Twitter.)

But how does Simon – whose ego is bigger than some continents – feel about being upstaged by a co-star during his triumphant return to American TV? And to be outshined by a TV television newbie?! That’s gotta sting.

Judging from Simon’s reaction when I asked him to ‘fess up to some jealousy, it did.

Check out the hilarious video below, in which I tell L.A. Reid to put on ear-muffs and get a delightfully honest answer from Mr. Cowell.


Their friendly rivalry is one of the best things about “The X Factor.” And now that the remaining contestants are divvied up and the judges will be in charge of molding their respective groups into superstars, we know the playful tension between Simon and L.A. is only going to get amplified. [Grabs popcorn!]