Courtney Love Continues Being Herself In Latest Absurd Interview

Courtney Love

By Zachary Swickey

In the latest case of crazy from none other than Courtney Love, the singer/attention-seeker has conducted an interview with Vanity Fair that (as always) is filled with several quotes that might be deemed controversial to say the least. The issue will land in stores nationally and on the iPad October 11, but plenty of tidbits have been released that show Love is still her old self.

When the magazine’s contributing editor asked Love if she was angry with her late husband, Kurt Cobain, for committing suicide, she insanely barked back, “If he came back right now, I’d have to kill him for what he did to us! I’d f**king kill him! I’d f**k him, and then I’d kill him!” (Not sure if her wanting to screw him first is supposed to make up for the rest of that quote but whatevs.)

Continuing further into inappropriate territory, Love then showed the editor estranged daughter Frances Bean Cobain's diary – turning to a page that has a list titled “Things That Make Me Smile” and then complaining that she didn’t make the cut. It was less than shocking when Frances Bean emancipated herself from Love two years ago, as the mother and daughter have always had a rocky relationship. But Love wants you to know that, “There were no drugs in my urine, no drugs in her urine when she born,” so she doesn’t sound like too bad of a parent (insert sarcasm font here).

Money seems to be a great concern and point of discussion for Love as she repeatedly mentions her “lost Nirvana money” – referring to the $250 million she claims is due to her from Cobain’s estate. Disturbingly, Love refers to it as “the fraud” and her home is reportedly the hub for research on the case with assistants making copies and sending faxes related to this “fraud.” She even has a legion of Twitter followers that she claims help her to calculate just how much money she is owed.

Love insists that despite Nirvana’s fame while Kurt Cobain was still alive, they always had financial issues. “We could never find our money,” she claims. In one of her most insensitive quotes of all time, Love states, “They said that if he would go do Lollapalooza that he would make $11 million! Do you think Kurt would have killed himself if he had known he had $54 million?” That number was derived by those trusty Twitter followers, of course.