Tyson Ritter Tells Us A Story, Along With A New 'Rejects' Album Preview

By and large, interviews conducted at red carpet events are brief, to-the-point, too often generic affairs. It's just the nature of the beast. However, every once in awhile the stars align and a bit of magic happens wherein an interviewee takes a question and runs with it, offering up an unforgettable anecdote versus a 30-second response.

Case in point, MTV News' encounter with All-American Rejects frontman Tyson Ritter at the recent "Footloose" premiere, who turned my round-up question, "What is your go-to dance move?" into a hilarious walk down memory lane.


"I have a plethora of go-to moves. I’ll never forget my first dance I went to in 7th grade. I’m like 12 years old, I ask my dad, ‘What’s dancing, dad?’ He’s like, ‘Alright, you want to see the move that’s going to win?’" Ritter recalled, before demonstrating his dad's signature move which consisted of a sideways stance, hand raised in a fist doing a pull-down motion along with a saucy pelvic thrust.

"I s**t you not," Ritter said, noticing the look of shock and disbelief on my face. "So I go to the school dance that night," he continued. "There was a dance competition and I have the number one move. No one touched me, you know how they do the touch-out? Everybody is so perplexed and amazed by this kid who’s doing the pelvic thrust with a hand grab and Sammy Hagar is not playing. I was mortified," Ritter admitted, adding that his classmates did not let him forget his big moment. "Fathers, be nice to your children, because that is just a curse."

Can you imagine a 12-year-old Ritter pelvic thrusting his way through a middle school dance? I am still dying over that image. Too funny. And even better, Ritter didn't stop with that story, he ended on an even higher note by dropping a few details about the band's next album, which is out in February.

"It’s going to be the year of the Rejects," Ritter teased. "[Our album release] is going to coincide with the Mayan end of the world thing, so the last song you’ll die to will be one of ours."

When pressed for a few more specifics about the sound on their new record, Ritter said they hope to break up the monotony that's currently dominating charts.

"It's no frills, but it’s finally us arriving at the moment that all of our contemporaries have gone the way of the Dodo seemingly," he said. "We’re the last band standing and we’re here to solidify our time here."

Ritter said their first single will either be a song that is "balls-out glam rock" or one that is "an ear worm that is going to eat your brain."

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