O Music Awards Dance Record Attempt Not Weird Guinness Music Record

If you’ve ever seen “Grease,” you know that dance-offs were a thing back in the 1950s. But MTV’s O Music Awards are updating the bop-till-you-drop tradition with an attempt to break the Guinness World record with an upcoming shot at snagging the 55-hour dance marathon title.

Some dedicated hoofers will trying to keep it poppin’ right up until the second the O Music Awards kick off at 11:30 PM on October 31 in Los Angeles.

That got us thinking about other wacky music-related records tallied by Guinness and, believe it or not, trying to dance for more than two days is not close to the strangest record in the books.

Here are a few of our favorites:

Fastest rap artist: Sure, Twista is fluid, but it’s fellow Chicago MC Rebel XD who has the title of swiftest rapper, dropping a mind-blowing 683 syllables in 54.5 seconds in June 1998. That’s 12.5 syllables per second.

Most expensive music video: As if it’s any surprise, the most expensive video of all time belongs, of course, to the late King of Pop. Michael Jackson’s space-age 1995 duet with sister Janet, “Scream,” cost $7 million.


Most pseudonyms by a pop star: Eminem and Lil Wayne have a gang of nicknames, but its late Beatle John Lennon who recorded and produced music under no less than 15 pseudonyms, including The Honorary John St. John, Dr. Winston O’Boogie, the Rev. Fred Ghurkin, Dr. Winston OGhurkin, Kaptain Kundalini, Beatcomber and Dwarf McDougal.

Loudest band: Classic rock icons The Who claim to have played a show at the ear-bleeding volume of 125 decibels, the point at which pain begins and just a shade under the sound of a jet engine (140db). Hard rockers Man-O-War, though, claim to have reached 129.5 db at a 194 show, but are still grumbling about not landing the record because, they claim, Guinness didn’t want to encourage others to try and break it.

Youngest drummer: Detroit’s Julian Pavone became the youngest member of the Cleveland Cavaliers’ drumline when he was just 15 months old and recorded his first album, Go Baby!, just five months later.

Longest concert by multiple artists: While most Taylor Swift fans likely wish her concerts would keep going and anyone who has seen Parliament-Funkadelic will tell you it sometimes feels like their concerts never will end, neither holds the record for the longest concert. That feat was achieved at the Red Rabbit Pizza Pub in John’s Creek, Georgia in July 2010 when over 200 bands and hundreds of volunteers helped raise money for the Children’s Restoration Network by playing live music for 343 hours, 7 minutes and 52 seconds.

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