Beyonce, Britney And Madonna: What To Expect When You’re Expecting – Music Video Edition


Oh my God, you guys! Beyonce’s next video is almost here, and it’s for one of your favorite songs from 4, the horn-blasting jam “Countdown.”

We’ve been preaching the gospel of “Countdown” for months. Before the album even dropped, we were Internet screaming that it needed to be a single – and now it is! It’s one of our favorite tracks on the album, which is a statement because 4 is our favorite album so far this year.

But enough fawning (for now … trust that we’ll Stan out again once the full video drops). Yesterday, King Bey dropped a sneak peek and all anyone is talking about is her baby bump. So we got to thinking about pregnant ladies and pop music. Sometimes a star tries to keep her bump under wraps for a video shoot, as Madonna did in her “Music” video. You can’t even tell that under that long white fur coat, the world’s biggest pop star was very pregnant (her pregnancy was the reason the mid-vid action sequence was animated). Other times, she flaunts it, as Beyonce seems to be doing in the “Countdown” clip and as Britney Spears did in the video for her ballad “Someday (I Will Understand).”

After the jump, check out Her Madgesty and Britney as well as Pink and Mariah Carey in videos shot while the pop stars were expecting.

Madonna, “Music”


Pink, “F**kin’ Perfect”


Britney Spears, “Someday (I Will Understand)”

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