Justin Bieber, Jimmy Fallon Giggle Through Someday Spoof Outtakes

Earlier this year, Justin Bieber and Jimmy Fallon spoofed the ads for his perfume Someday and this week, Fallon is releasing the outtakes, full of karate kicks and the pair just having a really good time.

Dressed exactly like Bieber, with his classic swept bangs and signature leather jacket/T-shirt combo, Fallon opens the spoof looking into camera, whispering, "Someday, someday you'll look like this." From there hilarity ensues as Bieber and Fallon giggle their way through the outtakes with dance offs, messed up lines and good-natured ribbing.

Check out the clip, as well as our favorite messed-up lines, after the jump.

Fallon to Bieber on getting older: "Someday you'll look like this."

Bieber's response? "Man, what happened?"

Fallon on keeping fit as you age: "You're going to have to get a trainer and it's a big deal man. Zone diet type of stuff. It's like carbs, No gluten."

Bieber: "Does it taste good?"

Fallon: "Hell no… It tastes like a dog took a dump on a paper towel and you microwaved it and fed it to yourself."

Bieber: "Did you have to shave today?"

Fallon: "No, last Wednesday."

Bieber: "It takes that long?"

Fallon: "I put Nair on my face."

That made Bieber giggle. And us too, for that matter.