Happy Birthday, Gwen Stefani!

Gwen Stefani

Today, No Doubt front woman and all-around fierce lady Gwen Stefani turns 42. The platinum-haired pop star is not only incredibly timeless, and might we add ageless, but she's also become the archetype for the female pop star.

Since launching onto the scene back in the '90s (yes, THE '90s!), she maintained her relevance. While No Doubt continue to chug away on their next album, Gwen's legacy remains all her own, having done it all. In addition to having an incredibly successful solo career, being a mom and a rock star wife, Stefani has paved the way for the business model of divas everywhere. Why, whatever do we mean?

Five things are almost required of the modern female pop star at this point and Gwen Stefani pretty much pioneered all of them.

1) Start a fashion line: Gwen launched L.A.M.B. in 2004 and hasn't looked back. The line is defined by Stefani's personal style: both glam and punk, it manages to always turn heads every Fashion Week.

2) Try acting: While Gwen's filmography isn't huge, but it is certainly memorable. She was recruited by Martin Scorsese to play the legendary Jean Harlow alongside Leonardo DiCaprio in "The Aviator."

3) Take up a charity… or seven: A quick Google search of Ms. Stefani shows that she's actively involved in several charities including UNICEF, Save the Children and Music Rising. She certainly proves that using her celebrity for good is the right thing to do.

4) Launch a fragrance: Or, if you're Gwen, launch five fragrances. No. Big. Deal.

5) Become the face of a beauty campaign: Stefani and her silky, shiny silver-hued hair make us want to try any product that L'oreal tells us she uses. Just call us Gwenophiles.

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