Hit Maker RedOne Intruduces New Artists, ‘DWTS’ Tracks

By Kara Warner

If you don’t know Moroccan mega-producer/songwriter RedOne by name, you know him by song. He’s the man behind Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face,” “Just Dance” “Bad Romance” and “Judas,” as well as Jennifer Lopez’s “On The Floor” and “Papi,” just to name a few.

With the release of yet another expected chart-topper looming on the horizon – Cher and Gaga’s duet, “The Greatest Thing,” MTV News caught up with the man behind the music to learn a little bit more about his 2101 Records label and which new artists we should be looking out for.


“I’m really really making sure I’m sigining artists I’m really excited about so for example, Mohombi. He is an artist who is very exciting to me, he has a global sound, he’s very rhythmic, melodic, makes people dance,” RedOne explained of the Swedish-Congolese artist. “He writes his own songs, he’s got the full package. He can do it all. Mohombi had many many number one [hits] all over the world, we’re just starting in America now,” he added. “I’m very excited for America to welcome Mohombi.”

And for the RedOne fans out there who also watch “Dancing With The Stars,” listen in for a few of his songs to sneak into this season.

“I have a few songs on ’Dancing With The Stars,’ a song with Mohombi, a song with Porcelain Black and a song with Nicole Scherzinger, which was a big number one in the U.K. They love my songs,” RedOne said with a smile. “I love them too. They get me, I get them too.”

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