Why Aren’t Motley Crue, Rush And Bon Jovi In The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame?

There are two arguments that always erupt every year when the nominations for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum are announced: Did this year’s nominees deserve to be tapped and why the hell aren’t these bands on the list!?

It’s the latter that typically makes the most waves, as die-hard fans of such bands as Kiss, Rush, Journey, Chicago and the Moody Blues fire up their laptops and send out hot tweets of death to the powers-that-be over their favorite acts being passed over … again!

Some groups, like greasepaint rockers Kiss, have been overlooked for so long that not only do they not care anymore, they’ve come to see their exclusion as a badge of honor and have actively campaigned against induction. Other long-time shut outs, such as the Sex Pistols and Black Sabbath (class of 2006), felt the same way until they were ushered in.

Read on to see which other legendary groups have been given the cold shoulder by the Hall of Fame and vote in our poll of the most chronically overlooked bands.

So who are the top acts that fans complain are given the high hat every year? At the top of nearly every list are bands such as prog icons Rush, makeup punks the New York Dolls, horn-heavy lite rockers Chicago, heartland power pop kings Cheap Trick, meat and potato acts like Bad Company, Journey, Foreigner, Boston and the Steve Miller Band, new wave and post punk stars from Joy Division to Depeche Mode, X, the Smiths to Husker Du, guitar god Stevie Ray Vaughn, glam progenitor T-Rex and such modern arena acts as Motley Crue and Bon Jovi.

After all, Billy Joel and Madonna are already in, right?