Radiohead Perform on ‘Colbert,’ Are Suddenly Everywhere You Look

By Steven Roberts

Once upon time, a Radiohead television appearance would’ve been big news here at MTV News. No, I won’t be beating that old drum in this blog post because that was totally like 15 years ago and the kids are f**king with “Twilight,” Demi Lavato and Skrillex these days. Thankfully, I’m too old for that (the tender age of 26) and I’m still psyched every time I see Thom Yorke and the gang on TV and/or the Interwebs.

Last night, the band stopped by “The Colbert Report’s” Dr. Pepper Flavor Zone to talk and laugh – albeit in that aloof yet awkward Radiohead kind of way – about everything from their humble beginnings as school mates to the pros and cons of releasing their music independently. The group revealed that they had no plans to release a Christmas album, much to Steve Colbert’s chagrin – Colbert readily shares that he won a Grammy for his Christmas album, “A Colbert Christmas: The Greatest Gift of All” – and were steadfast about their distaste of big corporations. Afterward, the group performed an unreleased track titled “The Daily Mail.”

Radiohead also performed a number of tracks from their newest release, “King of Limbs,” as well as my personal favorite Radiohead song, “The National Anthem” from 2000’s “Kid A.” Unfortunately these performances didn’t air, but they are all available on Colbert’s website along with an interview between Colbert, Yorke and Ed O’Brien about global warming.

And if their appearance on “Colbert” wasn’t enough for your Radiohead fix, the band performed on “Saturday Night Live” last weekend (see it here) and will be performing Wednesday and Thursday evening at New York’s Roseland Ballroom. Tickets are sold-out, but don’t let that stop you.

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