'X Factor' Judge Paula Abdul On How To Perfectly Walk In Slow Motion!

One of my favorite things about “The X Factor” is just how damn slick it is. Contestants’ auditions get treated like full-blown “Idol” performances with swooping shots and a lighting rig. Confessionals are held in a giant light box that’s part pearly gates, part Gap commercial. Pop hits underscore the entire episode top to bottom. This is one expensive party.

But my favorite fancy touch is the way the show introduces the judging panel. In the two-night premiere, Simon Cowell, Nicole Scherzinger, Paula Abdul and breakout star L.A. Reid strolled down the street in slow-motion, like “Reservoir Dogs” without the matching suits. (And, you know, the severed ear.) Beside being so damn pretty to look at, the over-the-top presentation is completely warranted. Cowell and Paula are rock stars in the reality TV genre. They’ve earned their glamour shots. (Nicole Scherzinger, on the other hand? Don’t get me started.)

Logistically, I wondered how difficult it would be to walk so fabulously, knowing the footage would eventually be slowed down to a snail's pace. Would you exaggerate your strut? Would you flip your hair more instinctively? Or, when you’re filthy rich like Paula and Simon, do you just always walk as if there’s a fan blowing in your face?

Last week, I had a quick chat with Ms. Abdul so obviously that was my first question. Why not go straight to the source, right?

Check out Paula’s adorable response below.


Have you ever filmed yourself walking in slow motion? Did it come naturally to you? And what’s your favorite part of the US “X Factor"? Leave a comment below, and for more pop culture ruminations, you best be following me on Twitter @jambajim!