Recently Unearthed Footage Shows Baby Frances Bean Cobain On Set With Mom And Dad


By Andréa Duncan-Mao

As the enigmatic leader of one of the most impactful rock acts in modern history, Kurt Cobain’s music touched a generation of fans. Just as we are moved by his dense, personal lyrics, raging guitar and outsider ethos, we are equally fascinated by his complex personality. He was a man who dreamt of fame but couldn’t cope with it, a performer who could move a crowd but couldn’t stand to be in one, someone we all heard of but never really knew.

But there was a chubby toddler with golden locks and crystal blue eyes who knew him in a way no one else would. Frances Bean Cobain, Kurt’s daughter with wife Courtney Love, was born 1992 and even as a newborn went everywhere with him. And in their interactions, we see a glimpse of Cobain as a father — patient, tender, in wonder.

In 1993, Kurt sat down with MTV to talk about his life since the explosive success of Nevermind, and brought Frances and Courtney along. As the camera rolled pre-interview, the happy — and somewhat frazzled — family were captured on tape. In this rare, unearthed footage of the Cobains, we see Courtney in a pre-Hollywood-makeover ripped dress, Kurt in the shadows, and Frances Bean, ready for her close-up at not even two years old.

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