LMFAO Tease Headlining Tour, Dreams To Collaborate With Katy Perry, Aliens


When we chatted up the fellas of LMFAO a while back, they were casting extras for their funny, NSFW “Sexy And I Know It” video and we wanted to know what else the Party Rockers had up their sleeves (even though they mostly never wear sleeves).

It turns out they have some big plans for the future. “It’s all in the inspiration of life; everything we do in life is a representation of something we see,” SkyBlu said of the music they are currently cooking up. “It’s like we’re news reporters.”

Interesting analogy, but as a real news reporter, rarely do I see anyone doing the “wiggle” or the shuffle in my travels. But then again, I’m not hanging around with the LMFAO guys nearly enough. RedFoo added that whatever happens, happens with them. “We make stuff and then if somebody comes to mind, a female singer or a male singer or an alien,” he trailed off before SkyBlu suggested a Katy Perry collabo.

Or, as RedFoo added, “Alien Ant Farm … So you never can tell, but we are getting into the videos on this album and just doing fun stuff, keeping it going, performing, headlining tour and just continue to express and entertain at the same time and please the women.”

Well, guys, more power to you.

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