Demi Lovato Blows The Roof Off MTV Offices

A lot of people blow through the MTV building, but very few get the staffers here at MTV as excited as Demi Lovato. The Unbroken singer stopped by 1515 today to perform and tape it for VH1 Top 20 Live and she made Lovatics out of everyone.

The singer blew through her repertoire with tons of vocal gusto. Clad in her Stevie Nicks best – a leopard print maxi skirt, loose fitting shirt and fedora – she looked gypsy chic as she blasted the room with her unbelievable voice. She kicked off the four-song set with a medley of "Catch Me" and "Don't Forget" from her first two albums.

It was the newer tracks from her just-released album, however, that really had the room buzzing with excitement. She played the ballad "Like A Star," and she sang with a powerhouse quality and bravado the was reminiscent of Christina Aguilera. Before launching into the track, she told the room, "I'm really, really excited to sing it for you guys. So I hope you like it." The room certainly did, giving the tune tons of applause as she closed it out.

Next up, she played her cover of Lil Wayne's "How To Love," which has already become a viral smash. Before kicking it off, she said, "I'm super excited about singing that one for you guys." Taking the track and putting it into the first person, thematically, works for the singer and sonically, the R&B track sounds like it was written for Demi. She should record it and release it as a single herself.

She ended the set with her ballad "Skyscraper," which is just as moving live as it is when you hear it on her album.

"Thank you guys so much. Thanks," she told the room as she finished her set with a big smile on her face. No, Demi, thanks for making a rainy Tuesday a bit sunnier for the worker bees here at MTV.