How Did Ashton Kutcher Do On 'Two and A Half Men'?

Two and a Half Men

In the aftermath of Charlie Sheen's very public meltdown and subsequent firing from his sitcom "Two and a Half Men" and following much speculation about his replacement, Ashton Kutcher took the reins of the CBS hit last night and the verdict among TV critics is in – and it's basically the written equivalent of a big shrug.

Critics are saying that Kutcher was neither a disappointment nor a revelation as Walden Schmidt, admitting he slipped in to the show pretty seamlessly and that "Men" is a show you either love or hate and Kutcher's performance is unlikely to change that.

Right now, one thing is certain, people tuned in for Kutcher's debut. The show racked up a massive 27.7 million viewers – on par with the numbers "American Idol" premieres and finales typically do – and toppled all other programming last night, including the premiere of ABC's "Dancing With The Stars," which was down 24 percent from its previous season premiere last year.

So we want to know how you felt about Kutcher's "Men" debut. Did he fill Sheen's shoes or fall flat? Vote in our poll below.