Demi Lovato's Unbroken Co-Signed By Ashley Greene, Critics


Hey y'all! Happy Unbroken Day! Today, Demi Lovato drops her new album and it seems that critics and celebrities all pretty much love what the "Skyscraper" singing is doing on it.

So, what are the critics saying? While the New York Times seemed a bit restrained about their love for the album, they did note, "These songs do give Ms. Lovato the opportunity to present herself as an adult, not just a moppet who knows too much."

Meanwhile, the album scored an impressive B+ with the folks over at Entertainment Weekly, who added, "Clearly it's been a tough year for Lovato. But as Rihanna could tell her, sometimes bad years make great songs."

Rolling Stone focused less on the darker elements of the album, pointing out that "Unbroken is mostly sunshine and slumber-party hooks… She's grown into her voice. Now, if only her music would grow up too."

USA Today gave the album three out of four stars, noting that "By the time she hits the ballad 'Skyscraper,' a towering performance that sounds both desperate and determined, she has clearly transitioned from a teen star into a young woman worth listening to."

But it's not just the critics who have a thing or two to say about the album, it's also her celebrity pals. Like who? Read on.

Well, for instance, fellow Joe Jonas ex and "Twilight" star Ashley Greene is also giving it two thumbs up. "Everyone make sure to get the new @ddlovato album 'Unbroken'!!" she tweeted.

Speaking of Joe J, his tourmate JoJo said, "Pals! Please support my girl Demi @ddlovato by buying her new album #UNBROKEN asaptually! She's singin' her face off! Congrats mama"

Cobra Starship frontman Gabe Saporta had this message for his fans on Twitter: "@ddlovato did i just miss you at best buy? is it still open? i'm going back there now to get my copy of #Unbroken!"

Sean Kingston added, Everybody Go pick up THE BEAUTIFUL @ddlovato album now!!!! On iTUNES "UNBROKEN" #SWAGG."

And if you hadn't heard that Ms. Lovato is singing her heart out on the album, Jordin Sparks, is there to remind you. She tweeted, "Go grab @ddlovato's new album #UNBROKEN now!! Girl, you are SANGIN! Congrats!"

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