Hey Kat Von D: 'The Hills' Had Lady Gaga Back In 2008 Too!


It seems some old-school footage of Lady Gaga in 2008 getting inked by Kat Von D has made its way onto the Internet. As the season finale of Kat's show "L.A. Ink" wrapped up last night, E! News decided to uncover some footage of the one and only Mother Monster, blue latex spandex and all, getting a tat from the reality star.

So we decided to dig up some footage of Gaga from back in the day as well. That's right; we're bringing you footage of Gaga getting her zipper fixed by LC and Whitney, as she prepares to take the stage. It's from the same year as the Kat footage, 2008, when Gaga was in the early stages of her world domination. And, yes, she's wearing more latex. The girl really, really likes latex. We mean, she does look good in it.

"You know Lady Gaga; we put her on 'The Hills.' Do you remember that? Nobody remembers," Kelly Cutrone told us. "MTV has got to take credit for this right now because People's Revolution put Lady Gaga on TV before anybody ... She's on there and Lauren or Whitney, I think, they break her jumpsuit and you barely see me on this episode. I was hanging in the backroom."

Don't mind if we do, Kelly. Sorry, Kat!

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