Justin Bieber Enlists Boyz II Men: A Cheat Sheet

Justin Bieber Boyz II Men

It's a big year for Boyz II Men. The guys who brought Motown Philly back again are all over the place in 2011. They appeared in Justin Bieber's "Never Say Never" flick earlier this year, then they popped up in sample-form on Beyonce's super fantastic 4 track "Countdown" and now the guys made the cut for Bieber's forthcoming holiday album.

In addition to working with some of the biggest artists of the new millennium, the guys will also be back with their own album next month, the aptly titled Twenty, celebrating their long and prosperous run in the industry. It's out October 25.

Having grown up listening to and loving the guys, we totally appreciate Bieber's fandom for them. In fact, their new album looks to the future, but also pays homage to their past thanks to some updated versions of their classic tunes. But where was Bieber when those tracks were released?

"End Of The Road"

Originally released in 1992, the tear-jerking break-up track was actually released two years before Bieber came into the world. That means that sobbing teens everywhere had been crying for quite some time before the teen star was introduced to it.

"I'll Make Love To You"

It hit the charts in 1994, just a few months after Bieber was born in March of that year. So, no, the track played no role in the creation of the singer.

"On Bended Knee"

The track came just months after "I'll Make Love To You," meaning that Bieber was about six or seven months old, probably hanging close to his mother's knee, as broken-hearted folks everywhere consoled themselves to that tune.

What's your favorite Boyz II Men song? Are you excited for the Bieber collabo? Tell us in the comments!