A Beatle-rific Wedding Playlist For Potential Groom Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney

Rock legend Paul McCartney may be getting married to longtime girlfriend Nancy Shevell this weekend. Or maybe he isn't. The gossip rags can't seem to keep their story straight. But, you know, mazel tov to the happy couple either way!

McCartney and Shevell announced their engagement in May and have been together for four years. If the pair do walk down the aisle, it will be McCartney's third marriage. The Beatle first wed in 1969 and lived happily with his wife Linda until her death from breast cancer in 1998. Four years later, he married former model Heather Mills.

His marriage to Mills was pretty tumultuous. After the couple separated in the spring of 2006, Mills began airing their problems publicly and gave interviews blaming the breakdown of their union on Paul's award-winning fashion designer daughter Stella McCartney. Mills and Macca fought bitterly in court over money, property and custody of their daughter, Beatrice. The whole thing was pretty gross and unfortunate for everyone involved. If McCartney is indeed planning to marry Shevell this weekend, he is a brave man indeed … The Mills incident would have turned us off marriage entirely forever.

And while we're sure Paul isn't the kind of guy who jams to his own songs on a regular basis, The Beatles released some truly great wedding songs. From "Love Me Do" to "In My Life," there's something for everyone!

Beatles Wedding Playlist

"All You Need is Love"

"In My Life"


"Love Me Do"

"Maybe I'm Amazed"

"I Will"

"She Loves You"

"Til There Was You"

"Words of Love"

"Things We Said Today"

"If I Fell"

"Love You Too"

"Got To Get You Into My Life"

"Here, There and Everywhere"