Taking A Cue From Fellow A-Listers, Sarah Jessica Parker Promotes Movie Via App!


By Maura Gavaghan

With the release of "I Don't Know How She Does It" only a few short days away, Sarah Jessica Parker has managed to stir up some buzz with the movie's official iPhone app, "Get the Look." Parker teamed with fashion website HauteLook to create an innovate mobile opportunity for fans to replicate her stylish looks from the film! Designed by skyrocket, the free app helps eager fans find and buy fashion inspired by the movie and also features clips and cast bios. Using "Get the Look," SJP fans can even search show times and purchase tickets without moving an inch – talk about the perfect app for her Manolo-wearing admirers!

SJP and her co-creators found creative ways to use "Get the Look" as a promotional tool, but they are not the first celebs to jump into app world! Movie stars, fashion designers, television favorites and even athletes have used apps in the past to promote either themselves or a specific project. Maybe SJP took a cue from some of the following celebs:

Lady Gaga's "Monster in You"

Leave it to Gaga to strengthen her fan base by creating an app that allows users to transform into "Little Monsters." Fans simply download the app, upload a photo and watch the transformation take place. Lady Gaga's official website claims the app "empowers her fans to share with the world the Monster in them." Mother Monster never disappoints.

Shaquille O'Neal's "Shaq"

His days on the court may be over, but he has a new playing field – the app world. The "Shaq" app gives fans exclusive 24/7 access into the legendary basketball player's life, including "direct" chat via Twitter or Facebook. The app also features famous quotes, videos from Shaq's private vault and even inside information about his workout routine and diet. Sounds like having a famous, very tall best friend in your pocket!

T-Pain's "I am T-Pain"

Some apps have agendas and some are just because. Well, this app is just because everyone wants a chance to sing like T-Pain. "I am T-Pain" features Auto-Tune voice synthesizing software, so you can sound like a pro no matter what you're singing! Rock on, app-lovers.

Adrian Grenier's "AOK"

The "AOK" (Acts and Observations of Kindness) app was co-created by "Entourage" star Adrian Grenier to encourage people to do good! The app features a points-based game that translates acts of kindness and good deeds into "Cause Currency," real money that is donated to specific causes. AOK uses geo-tracking so you can see what others around you are doing to help!

Pope Benedict XVI's "H20 News"

Yes, the Pope even has an app! This app translates news from the Vatican's Television Center into 8 different languages! Through "H20 News," the Pope shares his travels and speeches, and well as upcoming international events. If you see him with his iPhone as he drives by in the Pope mobile, he's probably just tweeting. Yes, the Pope has a Twitter, too.