Heading Into The Wilds Of Nebraska With Lady Gaga


Lady Gaga and her Haus, including honorary members fashion photographers Inez and Vindooh, hauled themselves to Nebraska to shoot her clip for "You and I," as well as bank a cover for Harper's Bazaar and also some character-centric fashion films based on the song and the Laurieann Gibson-directed video.

When MTV News caught up with Inez and Vinoodh, they explained all the hustle and bustle that went down in that cornfield and barn in Nebraska. "It's like she really gives so much," Inez recalled. "Sometimes we were shooting, it was like 3AM. and she's been on set forever and still you get an incredible performance – full of fire."

She added, "It was exciting, it was intense. It was 108 degrees, but it was exciting because there's so much energy. We had great people around us."

Each fashion film, including the first where she plays nymph Gaga, will focus on one of her "You and I" personas and they were all a pleasure to work with. "There wasn’t really one thing more interesting than the other," Inez added. "It's all her in her most happy moment. Making videos for her is like performance art … for her it's like making art. It’s a great exchange."

With five (!) more videos set for release, the duo is still putting the finishing touches on them and promise that "there's a surprise in there as well." So when will they drop? "It's really up to her and I think that’s what's incredible with her as well. Her instincts are so strong. We're completely trusting her in that sense. We're still working as we speak on it."